Why Australia


Australia is a major trading nation, with eight of its top 10 export markets within the Asian region. Australian businesses have been trading with the Asia-Pacific for more than half a century and understand these markets, offering the benefits of experience and established trade and investment ties.
With these trade links, strategic location and a highly educated, multilingual workforce, Australia is uniquely positioned as a platform for growth. Australia also bridges the world’s major time zones, offering 24-hour access for global organisations.

Location credentials

  • Eight of Australia’s top 10 export markets are in Asia.
  • By 2050 nearly two thirds of the world’s production and consumption will take place within the Asia-Pacific region
  • Australia has seven free trade agreements in operation, including Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, and another nine in development.
  • Australia’s westernised consumer culture makes it an excellent test market for products intended for launch in North America and Europe.
  • Australia offers 24-hour access for global organisations.

source from http://www.austrade.gov.au/Invest/Why-Australia/Location